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        Headspace sampler

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        Ahs-7910a automatic headspace sampler

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        Ahs-7910a automatic headspace sampler

        1、 Brief introduction of the instrument

        Ahs-7910a fully automatic headspace sampler is a new generation of 10 bit automatic headspace sampler developed by Beijing Zhongyi Yusheng Technology Co., Ltd.

        2、 Features and main functions of the instrument

        1. It can automatically run 1-10 samples without personnel on duty;

        2. Power on self-test, fault alarm and prompt, automatic positioning and calibration of sample disk to prevent bottle sticking caused by dislocation;

        3. Microcomputer program control, the main functions are as follows:

        (1) method parameter setting, real-time animation display of working state and running time;

        (2) the sample area, injection valve and sample transfer tube are separately heated and temperature controlled;

        (3) set the analysis program and press the run key to automatically complete the analysis of all samples;

        (4) it has multiple expansion functions: dynamic headspace, purge and trap;

        (5) the data processing workstation of GC and chromatography can be started synchronously, and the device can also be started by external program;

        4. Equipped with additional carrier gas regulating system, headspace sampling analysis can be carried out without any modification and modification of GC instrument. The carrier gas of the original instrument can also be selected;

        5. Through time programming, it can automatically realize the functions of pressurization, sampling, injection, analysis and backwash cleaning after analysis;

        6. Using pressure balance injection technology, the peak shape of headspace injection is narrow and the repeatability is good;

        7. The sample transfer tube and injection valve have automatic back blowing function, which can avoid cross contamination of different samples;

        8. In order to make the imported gas chromatograph more convenient and accurate, the instrument is also equipped with special interfaces for various imported instruments, which is convenient for connection;

        9. For the analysis of active substances, elastic quartz tube can be selected as sample transfer tube;

        10. The injection volume can be adjusted at any time according to the concentration of samples to be analyzed by customers;

        11. The injection needle is easy to replace and can be connected to all GC injection ports at home and abroad.

        3、 Main technical parameters of ahs-7910a automatic headspace sampler (pressure balanced injection)

        1. Temperature control range of sample area:

        From room temperature to 240 ℃, the heating power is about 400W in an increment of 1 ℃;

        2. Temperature control range of valve injection system:

        The heating power is about 60W at room temperature-220 ℃ in increments of 1 ℃;

        3. Temperature control range of sample transmission pipeline:

        From room temperature to 220 ℃, the heating power is about 40 W at an increment of 1 ℃;

        (low voltage power supply is used for temperature control of transmission line for operation safety)

        4. Temperature control accuracy: < ± 0.1 ℃;

        5. Temperature control gradient: < ± 0.1 ℃;

        6. Headspace bottle station: 10 bits;

        7. Headspace bottle specification: 20ml and 10ml are optional;

        8. Repeatability: RSD ≤ 1.5% (200ppm water ethanol, n = 5);

        9. Injection volume control mode: the injection volume is controlled by injection time and pressure;

        10. Injection pressure range: 0 ~ 0.4MPa (continuously adjustable);

        11. Backwash cleaning flow: 0 ~ 400ml / min (continuously adjustable);

        12. Effective size of instrument: 430 × 280 × 300mm3;

        13. Weight of the instrument: About 20kg.

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