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        Purge and catch device

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        full automatic purge and trap device

        brief introduction:


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        Pt-7900d - Ⅱ full automatic purge and trap device

        Brief introduction of the instrument

        Pt-7900d - Ⅱ purge and trap is a new generation of automatic water and soil integrated purging and trapping device independently developed by Beijing Zhongyi Yusheng Technology Co., Ltd. It adopts seven inch touch screen display control, imported syringe pump sampling, electronic cold trap adopts imported semiconductor refrigeration capture, import switching valve injection, MFC electronic flow control, full load can be filled into 72 bit sample bottle at one time, which can be used with all domestic and imported GC and GCMS.

        Function configuration

        1. It can automatically run 72 samples with full load without personnel on duty;

        2. Start up account login, system self-test, fault alarm and prompt function, temperature overload protection function, leakage protection function, etc., which improves the safety factor of the instrument;

        3. All the gas paths are inert treatment. The imported electric switch valve, MFC mass flow controller and high-precision electronic pressure sensor are used to control the carrier gas pressure and purge flow rate to achieve stable retention time;

        4. Parameter setting of detection method, real-time cloud display of working state, running time, flow, etc.

        5. The temperature of sample area, injection valve, sample transfer tube, cold trap, dewater trap and trap tube desorption zone is controlled by program, and the temperature rise rate of desorption temperature can reach 1800 ℃ / min;

        6. Seven inch touch screen operation interface design, beautiful and practical, easy to operate, perfect realization of human-computer interaction process;

        7. The GC and workstation can be started synchronously, and the counter control between GC and GC can also be realized;

        8. New software control system, which can automatically perform the functions of purge, capture, desorption, sample injection, backwash cleaning, etc;

        9. The device has the function of automatic sample mixing; 5ml and 25ml can be selected for U-type purging pipe;

        10. The automatic back blowing function of the whole purge and injection system can effectively avoid cross contamination of different samples;

        11. The trap is equipped with a water removal trap to reduce the influence of water vapor on GC / GCMS.

        12. The instrument is equipped with special interface for various imported instruments, which can be connected to all types of GC and GCMS at home and abroad;

        13. Add log, help, stopwatch, Chinese and English operation interface switching function, to provide more convenience.

        Scope of application

        It can be used to analyze VOCs in water and soil, as well as in food. The instrument meets the following standards:

        1. Determination of volatile organic compounds in water quality by Purge and trap / gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (hj639-2012)

        2. Hj686-2014 determination of volatile organic compounds in water quality by Purge and trap / gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

        3. Hj605-2011 determination of volatile organic compounds in soil and sediment by Purge and trap / gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, etc.

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