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        Thermal desorption

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        automatic thermal desorption instrument

        brief introduction:


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        Atds-20a Max automatic thermal desorption instrument

        1、 Application and application scope

        Atds-20a Max automatic thermal desorption instrument is a kind of sample pretreatment device, which can be used with GC and GCMS. The minimum detection concentration of volatile organic compounds in the environment can reach ppb level. In addition to meeting the requirements of "determination of benzene in indoor air" and "determination of total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) in indoor air" in code for indoor environmental pollution control of civil building engineering (GB 50325-2010), the device can also meet the following standards:

        1. HJ / 644-2013 determination of volatile organic compounds in ambient air by adsorption tube sampling thermal desorption gas chromatography mass spectrometry;

        2. HJ / t400-2007 sampling and determination method of volatile organic compounds and aldehydes and ketones in vehicles;

        3. GB / t18883-2002 indoor air quality standard;

        4. HJ / 583-2010 determination of Benzene Series in ambient air by solid adsorption / thermal desorption gas chromatography;

        5. GB / 50325-2020 standard for indoor environmental pollution control of civil construction engineering;

        6. Hj734-2014 determination of waste volatile organic compounds from stationary pollution sources by solid phase adsorption / thermal desorption gas chromatography, etc.

        2、 Features and main functions of the instrument

        1. A new generation of upgraded products, new fashionable appearance design, internal structure optimization and reorganization, more accurate and reliable transmission and positioning.

        2. The new electronic pressure sensor is used to display the pressure status accurately and in real time;

        3. It can automatically run up to 20 samples without personnel on duty;

        4. Power on self-test, fault alarm and prompt;

        5. Seven inch capacitive touch screen control, more intuitive and comfortable human-computer interaction:

        (1) Methods parameter setting, real-time animation to display working state and running time;

        (2) The temperature of desorption zone, injection valve, sample transfer tube and secondary desorption zone were separately heated and controlled;

        (3) Set up the analysis program and press the run key to automatically complete the analysis of all samples;

        (4) Second desorption parts at room temperature can be added according to user requirements;

        (5) It can start the GC and chromatographic data processing workstation synchronously, and can also start the device with external programs;

        6. The machine is equipped with the function of analog sampling of standard sample, which can make working curve more conveniently by thermal desorption instrument;

        7. Through time programming, it can automatically realize the functions of desorption, purge adsorption, re desorption, sample injection, back blowing cleaning, etc;

        8. Electronic refrigeration and second-order thermal desorption process are used to ensure narrow chromatographic peak shape;

        9. The sample transfer tube and injection valve have the function of automatic back blowing to avoid cross contamination of different samples;

        10. In order to match the imported GC and GCMs, the instrument is also equipped with special interfaces for various imported instruments, which can be connected with all types of GC and GCMS at home and abroad;

        11. Elastic quartz tube can be selected as sample transfer tube for active substance analysis;

        12. The injection needle is easy to replace and can be connected to all GC injection ports at home and abroad.

        3、 Technical index

        1. Desorption 1 temperature control range:

        Room temperature - 400 ℃ in increments of 1 ℃;

        2. Temperature control range of valve injection system:

        Room temperature - 220 ℃ in increments of 1 ℃;

        3. Temperature control range of sample transmission pipeline:

        Room temperature - 240 ℃ in increments of 1 ℃

        (low voltage power supply is adopted for temperature control of transmission pipeline for operation safety);

        4. Desorption 2 temperature control range:

        Room temperature - 400 ℃ in increments of 1 ℃;

        (heating rate > 2000 ℃ / min)

        5. Temperature control range of cold trap:

        -35 ℃ - 50 ℃ in increments of 1 ℃

        (using the most advanced electronic refrigeration device, no need for liquid nitrogen refrigeration)

        6. Temperature control accuracy: < ± 0.1 ℃;

        7. Temperature control gradient: < ± 0.1 ℃;

        8. Sample grade: 20

        9. Desorption recovery: > 98% (related to components);

        10. Backwash cleaning flow: 0 ~ 100ml / min (continuously adjustable);

        11. Analog sampling flow: 100ml / min;

        12. Instrument size: 487x425x506mm3;

        13. Instrument weight: About 40kg.

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